• Whitney Penfold: Business Manager & Candle Extraordinaire

    Originally from Wyoming, I have an expansive background in business management, mostly in the hotel and restaurant industry. I spent the last 5 years as the general manager of Sedona Candle Magic, a custom-carved candle shop in downtown Sedona Arizona. I have created countless hand-made candles, trained dozens of upcoming artisans in the artform, and originated the idea of lighting the candles via LED from below. After the owners of the property used to house Sedona Candle Magic decided to shut down my store, I wanted to continue on in practicing my craft. In collaboration with my husband Lane, we established Candle Magic Studio as a way to sustain ourselves in our artistic pursuits and continue creating wax art to share with the world.

  • Lane Smith: Photographer & Software Developer

    Originally from California, I am a professional photographer, software developer, and avid outdoorsman. My experiences as a snowmobile guide, fishing guide, and whitewater raft guide led me to Grand Canyon country and Sedona, where I now reside. Together with my wife Whitney, we founded Candle Magic Studio as a means to support ourselves in our artistic endeavors. I take all of the product photos, create our social media content, and built and maintain our website. I also help with processing orders, packaging, bookkeeping, marketing, maintenance, and anything else that I can do to allow Whitney to spend as much time as possible working on her candle art.