Custom Designs

Custom designs are the same price as other candles from the store, with an additional $20.00 USD custom design fee.

  • 1. Pick Your Shape & Size

    A variety of shapes and sizes are available. A custom design fee based on the complexity of your project is required.

  • 2. Choose Your LED Lighting Option

    We offer a warm white LED light base or RGB light base with wireless controller.

  • 3. We Work Directly With You

    We will adapt your design idea to your chosen candle shape and size, make it from scratch, then send it to you.

  • 4. Receive Your Customized Candle

    Upgrade from the warm white LED light base to a variable color RGB light base for infinite possibilities!

  • Guitar Enthusiast Candle

    They wanted a candle with an electric guitar on one side and an acoustic guitar on the other. We liked it so much that we later added the design to our store under the product name "Rock On".

  • Gift For Helldivers 2 Video Game Enthusiast

    This was a gift for a fan of the popular video game Helldivers 2. We can't list and sell intellectual property directly, but we can create certain genre inspired artwork that adds lore or new ideas to an existing one. For example, we can't make a Harry Potter or a Jack Skellington candle, but we can make a candle for a universe where the main character is a mix of both, named Harry Skellington.

  • Banana Candle for online personality Bananaman

    The only instruction was to make a unique and cool Banana themed candle that had a goofy vibe.

  • NSFW

    Yes, we will make you a custom NSFW candle, but we currently don't offer them in the store.

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